La Prosciutteria: from Milano to Firenze

We travel not only to discover places, but also cultures. And we think that gastronomy is an essential part to every culture.

When we visited Milano in the winter last year we, of course, fell in love with the city (the fact that our visit coincided both with Carnival and Saint Valentine’s Day might have helped!) but especially with the nice dinner we had in this small non-restaurant located in the Brera quarter.

Our dinner in La Prosciutteria (Milano, Brera)

And we say “non-restaurant” because as far as we know they don’t have a restaurant license. Nobody cooks there. They don’t have a menu and they cannot serve you. But you can just sit down in one of their tables and go for a cup of wine (they have lots of wine bottles in the walls!) and one of their must-try platters, which they prepare in different sizes. These wooden platters are full of cheese, breads, charcuterie and other antipasti locally produced: a great meal at a really reasonable price.

We are cheese lovers

We found that place by chance during an evening walk through the Brera neighbourhood and immediately decided that this was the place where we would have dinner that night. The inside attracted us but after tasting the food and feeling the great atmosphere we can say that we made the right selection. It seems that the comments in Tripadvisor agree with us so note down this place for your next visit to Milano…

La Prosciutteria in Firenze

To Milano and to many other cities in Italy, provided that you want to escape from pasta and pizza, of course. Back home we searched for this place on Google and discovered that they have more “non-restaurants” in other Italian cities. Destiny made that in summer we went back to Italy, but that time we changed the region of Lombardy for Tuscany by flying to the wonderful city of Pisa. We had read that there was a Prosciutteria in Firenze, the last stop in our short trip, and we found it!


In the surroundings of the Basilica di Santa Croce, in Via dei Neri, we had another great dinner in La Prosciutteria. But this time the by-the-glass wine menu was full of Chianti and Vernaccia, the typical wines of the Tuscany region. Another positive thing about this place is that they offer free water, which is important taking into account that you’ll probably drink alcohol and eat a lot of salty things.

Milano, Firenze and…?

We are sure that we will return to La Prosciutteria wherever in the Italian geography (maybe Rome?) because we really liked the concept and the quality of the products that are served.

Two Traveling Texans

12 thoughts on “La Prosciutteria: from Milano to Firenze

  1. I never knew about the existence of these “non-restaurants” in Italy! I’m sure they must have a food or alcohol licence of some kind though. It’s probably cheaper without the service. I’m not much of a cheese person but it does go so well with wine (and cold cuts). Food heaven!

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  2. I have seen this concept a lot of times but I have never thought of them as “non-restaurants.” A lot of them do very well and expand quite a lot. I really like places like this because you can try dry meats, cheese, nuts and fruits. Yummy! #TheWeeklyPostcard

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  3. I think we know the place you’re talking about in Florence! We walked past it on our way to Palazzo Vecchio, but didn’t stop. We wondered if it was any relation to the one by Trevi Fountain in Rome. Sounds like maybe it is! Now I really wish we had more time in Florence to spend an evening there. Ah…another reason to return! 🙂 Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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