Krimmler, Europe’s largest waterfalls

It was August in Austria but it was only 3ºC when we got up at 2,600 m in Grossglockner Alpine Road. We had a plan for that morning: to drive towards the Salzach Valley and then to the West to find the largest waterfalls in Europe, the Krimml waterfalls. They are found at the entrance of the valley in the Hohe Tauern National Park and they are one of the most breathtaking destinations in the entire alpine region.

Statue of a chamois in the first viewpoint

There is a 4 km trail with many vantage points and platforms to have the best views and perspectives of the waterfalls. This trail is steepy at some points as it climbs the mountain parallel to the waterfalls. The lowest waterfall can be reached in just 10 – 15 minuts from the car park and in our opinion it is the best place of the trail. You can feel the drops in your face and the strong wind:

This is also a dangerous place, it is slippery and you can fall. Watch the video to realize about such a spectacular but also dangerous site. It is also a place to take as many photos and videos as you can. It is a unique place in Europe!

Setting the GoPro among mist and waterfall wind

“The principle of all things is water, 
as water is everything and to water everything returns”

Thales von Milet, 624 – 546

Feeling the energy of nature

The trail, built in 1900 and constantly groomed and maintained is a perfect familiy plan for a spring or summer day. The entire waterfall drop is 380 m and it is one of Austria’s top 10 most visited attractions.

Krimml waterfalls are considered a natural remedy

These waterfalls are considered good for the immune system and for people suffering from allergies. Scientific research has proven what local doctors already knew about the healing powers 200 years ago. It is due to high concentration of negative ions and circulating air.

Double rainbow

We didn’t reach the top of the waterfalls. We had other plans for the afternoon and we wanted to reach Innsbruck before the night. However, if you plan a full day in Krimml waterfalls you must know that you have a nice restaurant at the top of the trail. A good spot to enjoy lunch.

One of the platforms to enjoy the waterfall from a close perspective
Two Traveling Texans


27 thoughts on “Krimmler, Europe’s largest waterfalls

  1. I love waterfalls so I would love to explore that area. So neat that you can get so close but I agree you do need to be careful! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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  2. What a impressive place! But, it is Austria! I have fallen in love with the country and am convinced it has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and cities. I really want to explore more of it.

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  3. I always thought Rhein Falls are the largest in Europe. They are not as high as Krimmler Falls, but are much wider and it seems they have bigger amount of water pouring down over the falls too. Hmm, but it doesn’t really matter which are the largest because they both look gorgeous. I would love to visit Krimmler Falls too. Your photos are gorgeous! #WanderfulWednesday

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    1. We said “larger” because this is how they “sell” it. In fact we don’t mind which are the largest (a wide concept), we want to see all of them! 😀 We didn’t know about Rhein waterfalls, so thanks for pointing this out, we will put them in our bucket list!


      1. Hehe, Swiss are using word “largest” to sell Rhein Falls too! I agree with you, “large” is a wide concept, but at the end it doesn’t really matter which are bigger, largest, higher, wider, etc., they are all places I hope we all manage to visit one day. 😀 😀

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