High gastronomy in Barcelona

Barcelona is a never ending city regarding the number of experiences you can have. And if we talk about food this fact becomes amplified. Barcelona has a long history that started more than 2,000 years ago and it has always been a trading centre where interaction between cultures and beliefs enriched the city and its inhabitants. One of the main characteristics of every culture is food. What can you expect from Barcelona, irrigated with the Mediterranean charm and spotted with multicultural expressions from all around the world?

Hofmann restaurant

Food is something we experience every day as a pleasure, or at least, we want it to be a pleasure. If you travel to Barcelona consider always in your budget a high percentatge for food. And we don’t say this because it is expensive. In fact, food and restaurants are cheaper than in many other cities in Europe. We recommend that just because we want you not to leave the city without a complete gastronomy experience.

Duck foie with gelée of figs, gold, chocolate and Port reduction

If you come to Barcelona start your day with a breakfast out of the hotel and doing sightseeing in the narrow streets of Ciutat Vella, l’Eixample or the artist neighbourhood of Gràcia. And in that first walk choose the café that calls you with its charm and peaceful atmosphere.

Cod nose with fine herbs jam, beetroot and nordic sauce

For lunch and for dinner you have thousands of possible great meals: Mediterranean, Mexican, Japanese, Catalan, French, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Indian, Persian… From just €10 to more than €100 per meal. Choose. But if you read the title of this post you realise we are going to focus on a meal close to €100. In fact, this meal, a dinner in the Hofmann Restaurant, was a present for Laura for her birthday. A one Michelin Star restaurant.

Beef cannelloni with truffle cream and crunchy parmesan cheese

Barcelona has 31 restaurants with one or more Michelin stars (2018) and Hofmann has preserved its star since 2004. It is not a big restaurant and we would say it is perfect for a romantic meal. The main room has a glass wall which allows you to see the kitchen and how the army of chefs prepare your unique gastronomical experience. They have different menus depending on the season and the photos you see in this post are from the Autumn menu.

Lamb loin with persillade, mediterranean flavours and tumbet

Every dish explains you a story. The flavours at the beginning of the meal are smooth and a bit sweety and they evolve towards strong and salty at the end. The texture keeps soft and mild till the end with some crunchy surprises. Everything is marinated with different kind of wines and cavas that match with every flavour as musical notes in a modern-classic opera.

Crème brûlee of vanilla wrapped with crunchy pastry and grout of red fruits

Desserts are specially well designed and they look like painting art with a high control of the textures. And after the meal, with happy stomachs and sweet tongues, the staff surprised Laura with this fantastic cake:

Birthday cake for Laura

Without any doubt we would describe our experience in Hofmann Restaurant as a piece of art that mixes music, theatre and paintings in your mind. And they are able to achieve this in a kitchen. Just fantastic!

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