Sandwich Harbour: 4×4, dunes and sea

During our trip to Namibia we visited amazing places, but one of the most impressive sites was Sandwich Harbour. We took a great number of photos there and it was absolutely justified! Sandwich Harbour is advertised by the companies that organize trips thereto as the place where the dunes meet the sea (and this is literally true). But where is Sandwich Harbour and how can you visit this amazing environment during your Namibian roadtrip? Just keep reading!

Driving in Sandwich Harbour is a total challenge

Some weeks ago we wrote about Swakopmund. Swakpomund is the most important city in the west of Namibia and a must-see in any roadtrip through the country, mainly due to its large offer of adventure activities. Thanks to its touristical importance, it is a good place to rest for more than one night and make some shopping to follow your route. Well, Swakopmund was founded in 1892 as the main harbour for the German South West Africa, since the only harbour existing at that time, Walvis Bay, was owned by the United Kingdom.  However, after the First World War all activities were transferred to Walvis Bay.

Dídac among the dunes in Sandwich Harbour

Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, two different harbours, one with an English name and the other with a German one. 30 minutes driving are enough to reach one city from the another, so they can both be easily visited from a sole basepoint (in our case, from the Sophia Dale Base Camp, where we spent two nights). In that area we practiced several activities, such as a scenic flight and a horse riding, but in this post we are going to focus in the 4×4 trip that took us to Sandwich Harbour.

Oysters as a snack in Sandwich Harbour

Sandwich Harbour is an area of the Atlantic coast of Namibia that includes a bay and a lagoon. Formerly a moderately-sized commercial port, nowadays the place is famous for its birdlife in the lagoon. Being part of the Namib-Naukluft National Park and located 80 km south of Walvis Bay, it can be reached with a half-day trip from Walvis Bay. In fact, we were told that due to the wildness of the area tourists are not allowed to drive therein on their own. However, there are some companies in Walvis Bay that offer those trips to Sandwich Harbour. We decided to contract a half-day trip with this company that departed early in the morning from Walvis Bay.

The Namib sand, a group of springboks and the sea at the back

The landscapes that you will be able to see in Sandwich Harbour are worth the price of the tour. The guide drove the 4×4 masterfully and explained us the particularities of the area and its wildlife. He drove up and down the dunes until we reached the sea. We felt like being in a magical place. The virgin desert, the sea at the back and some animals as the only inhabitants of such a remote site. In this environment we had a wonderful snack provided by our guide, which included champagne and oysters. From and back Walvis Bay we could spot some flamingoes and other birdlife. However, for those interested in the marine life of the Walvis Bay lagoon, catamaran cruises are available.

Definitely an experience that we will always remember!

A group of flamingoes in Walvis Bay
Two Traveling Texans


16 thoughts on “Sandwich Harbour: 4×4, dunes and sea

  1. It’s amazing how smooth the sand looks here. I’d love to see a desert like this just for the experience of it. Every one I’ve been to has always seemed more rough around the edges and more like the background of the picture with the springboks. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I suppose that it is due to the proximity of the sea. Namibia is a very special place and the Namib desert is amazing. We encourage you to visit it some day! In our blog we have written a lot about this country. Thanks for reading!


    1. Completely agree! I think we should propose this place to Hollywood for the next Star Wars film 😀 In fact, did you know you can fly by jet all along the coast, seeing this as if you where in a spaceship? We highly recommend it! Thanks for your comment 🙂


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