White walk in Heidelberg

It is getting really hot in southern Europe. July and August are really warm in Barcelona and you start sweating without doing any kind of effort. It is a good time to remember my walk through the white streets in Heidelberg after a postcard snowfall.


It was 17th of March at night when, while reading a book under a warm light in my home in Heidelberg, it started to snow in a light way. It was beautiful to look through the window and see the snow falling from the sky at night. As a guy that was born in Barcelona, it is not common for me to see snowing. I was exited as a child. I went to bed hoping that next day everything would be white. I programmed my alarm to get up early, so I could walk alone in the white streets of one of the most beautiful towns in Germany.

Warm inside, cold outside

And yes, it snowed and it was very cold!! Sunday 18th of March. 8 am. I decided not to take the tram, and go by feet to the town centre. Nobody in the streets, light snow still falling and silence. No cars, no buses… only me discovering a city covered by snow. My first stop was the graveyard, I thought I could take some interesting photos there. Graveyards have always a special atmosphere: creepy, emotional, peaceful, uneasy, restless and restful at the same time…

Heidelberg graveyard

I felt lonely at that point and I remembered the deceased of my family although they were far far away from that graveyard. That moment became really magic.

Then I decided to go to the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s walk). The name of this path is traced to the fact that Heidelberg’s university professors and philosophers found this path the perfect place to think and meditate while looking to the magnificient views of the Neckar and the old town. This view of the town inspired also the poets Eichendorff and Hoelderlin on their walks to write their poems.

The Alte Brücke, the castle and the old town of Heidelberg under the snow seen from the Philosophenweg

After the views I went down towards the Neckar shore. I wanted to cross the river through the Alte Brücke, the famous and always photographed bridge. The way down from the Philosophenweg is a unique path with high stone and moss walls in every side. Like a snake, the walk became curved and sleepery. The mix of green, white and grey made me think that this place would be perfect to film Harry Potter scenes. A little dragon or any other kind of magic creature could have appeared after a turn.


If that have happened I would have needed a magic wand and while saying the words Alohomora or invoking a Patronus, I would have started running downwards to find a hideout in the ruins of the castle. Unfortunately this was not the case, and the biggest danger was the possibility of falling and having pain in my ass. Fortunately this didn’t happen neither.

Zoom. The ruins of the castle and the Cathedral seen from the Philosophenweg

Then I crossed the Alte Brücke and walked by the Cathedral. At this point I was starving, so I had a hot chocolate in a warm cafe while looking through the window how the town got up. The cafe was in the Hauptstrasse, the longest shopping street in Germany! At least this is what locals say.

Back of the Cathedral and end of the Hauptstrasse
Two Traveling Texans


19 thoughts on “White walk in Heidelberg

  1. Beautiful. I really don’t like the cold or snow, but I have to admit it is pretty. I still need to visit Heidelberg. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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  2. I love the snow also and especially the peacefulness it creates when first fallen. So glad you enjoyed that special walk in the snow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a beautiful snowfall! It’s probably not unusual to see snow in March in Germany. The Heidelberg cemetery looked so tranquil under that blanket of snow! #TheWeeklyPotcard

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Locals told me it was not usual to have so cold and snow at that time. In fact, some trees had already flowers… Spring was starting while winter didn’t want to leave. Thanks for your comment 😊


  4. I love Heidelberg and it looks so pretty covered in snow! I’ve never seen it covered in snow! When I lived there, it snowed when I went home to Cali of course and was melted by the time I got back! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!


  5. How refreshing to see all the snow with the temps being what they are now! I’m usually more of a summer fan than winter, but I do love walks like this when it’s peaceful and quiet. Beautiful photos!

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  6. This is such a beautiful post! It reminds me of when I moved to London and saw snow for the first time. It was so exciting and even though only a little had fallen, we went outside in the middle of the night to see everything covered in a thin blanket of white. Then the next day there was so much more. It was gorgeous! #WeeklyPostcard

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  7. That sounds like a fantastic morning! We love getting up early on snowy days to explore. Something about the snowfall makes everything so quiet and pristine, and we love that. Of course, it’s also cold – good excuse for that hot chocolate! 🙂 Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

    Liked by 1 person

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