Port Aventura and Ferrari Land

Visiting amusement parks is not one of our favourite activities when traveling. However, Port Aventura has been part of our lives since we were kids. This theme park is located just one hour driving from Barcelona, or a little bit more by train. Port Aventura has its own train station. And not only this, Port Aventura has 6 different areas, 5 of them based on a different part of the world: Mediterranea, Polynesia, China, Far West, Mexico and Sesamo Aventura.

Woody Woodpecker welcomes you at the entrance of the park

The first thing we did when the gates opened at 10am was to walk towards China, where one of the most impressive roller coaster in the world is: Shambala. Its 76 metres fall and its multiple camelbacks where you feel like flying without gravity makes it one of the most intense experiences in Port Aventura. In the past, the king of the park was Dragon Khan, with 8 complete loops and an almost vertical fall at the beginning of the ride. However, nowadays Dragon Khan looks small next to its youngest brother. Look at the featured image of the post to compare both roller coasters: the red one is Dragon Khan, the white one is Shambala.

Shambala is designed as if it was the Himalayas with Tibetean architecture

And after climbing the top of the world in the Himalayas with Shambala we traveled inwards China to discover the power of the Dragon. Just next to each other, the two roller coasters are a good plan to start your journey in the park. This way you will avoid the crowds during the rest of the day. In rush hours you could need more than 1h 30m waiting before enjoying the rides.

Shambala (white) and Dragon Khan (red)

And after feeling the weightlessness of Shambala we were forced to multiply the gravity on our bones and muscles in the 8 loops of Dragon Khan. This roller coaster is designed to emulate the loops of the Chinese dragon. You will understand it well if you have seen the nine dragon screens in China. We found one of them in the old town of Pingyao. Definetely Dragon Khan could be one of those nine dragons.

After the two first rides we walked towards Mexico crossing the main square that emulates one of the squares within the Forbidden City complex in Beijing.

Hurakan Condor: Free fall

And then in Mexico, one of the most breathtaking activities: let yourself free fall from 100 metres! Hurakan Condor is, for us, the scariest ride in Port Aventura. There is no other like this one. Falling from that height makes it difficult to breath while falling but at the same time the views from the top are astonishing. And there are two types of seats, one of them scarier than the other and if you dare to go up, wait for a frightening surprise at the top! Hope the Aztec Gods are with you.

Hurakan Condor: Free Fall

In the dense jungle of Mexico you will find also Templo del Fuego (Temple of Fire), a place where an adventure awaits you and temperature will raise while the floor will start melting under an earthquake. Is there a better way to feel like Indiana Jones? Big snakes like Anacondas will make your day in your walk through Mexico or maybe you will prefer to have a rest in the Cantine, where you can have lunch while enjoying the songs from Mariachis.

La serpiente emplumada

One of our favourite restaurants in the park is also located in Mexico area and its warm and quiet atmosphere generates a good contrast with the high adrenaline coming from the heights of Hurakan Condor. In Hacienda el Charro you will be able to taste typical mexican food maridated with the Malquerida beer. Did you read our last post about Hoja Santa restaurant in Barcelona? Well, the chef of Hoja Santa, Paco Méndez, is the creator of this beer.

Malquerida in Hacienda el Charro

Just after Hacienda el Charro we entered the Far West, an incredible well themed area that will make you feel part of those old western moovies. Expect to stand in the middle of a gunfire or feel the gallop of a stampide in the roller Coaster Stampida. A structure made completely of wood creaks under the velocity of the two wagons. Before entering the ride you need to choose, like in Matrix, red or blue.


Far West is also full of places to have good food and many different kind of rides. Don’t miss Wild Buffalos, Grand Canyon Rapids and the Silver River Flume to get completely wet! After getting wet, why not enjoying the Can Can show in the Saloon? Or maybe your children prefer to get lost in the Blacksmith Labyrinth?

Far West

Just after Grand Canyon Rapids you get into Polynesia or Mediterranea, you choose. In Polynesia you will find exotic shows and also a water ride surrounding an active volcano: the Tutuki Splash! We left this ride with the underwear completely wet. From there, in order to get dry sooner, there is no better option than walking back to the Mediterranea area and ride the Furious Baco roller coaster or the Red Force in Ferrari Land.

Furious Baco takes you from 0 Km/h to 135 Km/h in less than 3 seconds! And why? Looks like a drunk monkey in a wine cellar has something to do with it. But if it is not enough for you, walk towards Ferrari Land and go from 0 Km/h to 180 Km/h in 1.3 seconds! Crazy! You will feel like Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso. The above video recorded by us shows it from outside. This video, which became viral two years ago and was the opening ride, shows it from inside.

Definetely and unfortunately, the pigeon was not used yet to the Red Force. Since then, the riders that go in the line number one get a pair of special glasses.

Ferrari Land is themed with typical Italian buildings like the Colisseum and the Venetian Towers and buildings. There are other rides like the Thrill Towers which emulate the movement of the pistons inside the engine of a car. You will go up and down nonstop.

Thrill Towers in Ferrari Land

One day in Port Aventura and Ferrari Land is not enough if you want to enjoy it full. Next to these 2 parks you also have Caribe Aquatic Park, a typical water amusement park themed like Caribbean. The hotels around and in the park are also themed based on its closer area. For example, Colorado Creek and Gold River are in Far West. On the other side, hotel El Paso emulates a typical colonial hacienda in Mexico.

Angkor, in Polynesia area, is one of the funniest rides

And if you ever come in summer don’t miss the late show in Mediterranea area Fiestaventura! Water, lights, fireworks and giant structures floating on the lake will make your midnight in the park. At the end, going to Port Aventura World is a funny way to travel throughout the planet Earth in less than one day.

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