The Best viewpoints in Athens

This is again one of the typical posts from Mapping The Map. One of our favourites activities when we visit any city is to look for the best viewpoints and then share them with you. As always, some viewpoints deserve a visit in the morning, others in the golden hour while having a beer and others at night. With this post you won’t miss any special moment along the best viewpoints in Athens.

Views of the Piraeus


The Acropolis, the heart of Athens and what made this city to survive during centuries, was built in the top of a rocky hill (165 m above sea level) with natural springs. It was the perfect place for a fortified defense and the best place to have the most valuable buildings and treasures.

We will write about the history and how to visit this must-see place of the world in a different post. For you to know, this is the best place for mixing history, amazing structures and beautiful views of Athens, the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains around the capital of Athens.

Temple of Olimpic Zeus

Walk around all the Acropolis, take your best zoom and binoculars, views are 360º. From here you can discover most of the rest ancient treasures scattered around the city, like the Temple of Olimpic Zeus.

Aeropagus Hill

Beofre or after your visit to the Acropolis we recommend you to stop in the small hill in front of the main entrance. The Aeropagus Hill is a good spot for taking impressive photos of the main stairs of the Acropolis, with the Temple of Nike Aptera, the Propile and the Monument of Agrippa. Although we did our visit first thing in the morning to avoid queues in the Acropolis, it is hilgy recommendable to come to the Aeropagus Hill late in the afternoon. In the golden hour, the main entrance of the Acropolis look impressive.

Acropolis seen from Aeropagus Hill

Filopappou Hill

When you leave the Acropolis or the Aeropagus Hill, go south to the Filopappou Hill, maybe the best viewpoint for taking photos of the Acropolis and the Partenon. The hill can be steepy at some point, but the views are worth it. It is plenty of shadow under olive trees and at the top of it you will find the Monument of Filopappou. And before or after enjoying the views, don’t forget to find the Prison of Socrates at the base of the hill.

The Partenon seen from Filopappou Hill


This is not a hill. However, in the enclosure of the Agora there are two places with nice views. Located one in front of the other but in opposite locations inside the Agora, the Stoa of Attalos and the Temple of Ephest give you a nice panorama of the Agora itself. Don’t miss any of both.

Temple of Ephest seen from the Stoa of Attalos

Lycabettus Hill

Lycabettus Hill is the viewpoint of the viewpoints. To reach the highest point of Athens and have 360º views you need to take the cable car or walk up the hill. It is expensive, but the hill is so steepy that we recommend reaching the top with the cable car. Once at the top, there is a luxury restaurant and bar where you can do like us: have a glass of white wine during the sunset, looking how the city of Athens begins to illuminate its streets.

Acropolis and Filopappou Hill seen from Lycabettus Hill

You don’t need to pay any drink to enjoy the views. However, expect to wait some minutes till someone leaves an empty space for the best photography. From Lycabettus Hill you can see all other viewpoints of the city: the Acropolis, the Aeropagus Hill, the Filopappou Hill and the Agora. From here, in fact, you can see everything!

Without any doubt, the best moment to go to Lycabettus is at sunset.

Laura at the top of Lycabettus

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