L’Empordà, Dalinian landscapes and Cadaqués

There is a place chosen by all kind of artists to live, get in love or just forget about the world. It cannot be understood till you put your feet on this land, the Empordà, in the north of Catalonia, where the sea meets the Pyrenees and the land inspires the least artist of all artists in the world. It could be described as a Tuscany with sea and Alps.

Port de la Selva village

Cap de Creus

This part between the Camel and the Eagle

that you know and love as much as I do,

is and needs to continue being forever pure Geology,

without anything that could mixtify it;

I make it a principle.

It is a mythological place which is created for Gods

more than humans and needs to continue like it is.

Salvador Dalí

Tudela landscapes

Probably there are no better words than those used by Dalí to describe Cap the Creus, a piece of land inlaid towards the East into the Mediterranean sea, and to be more precise, the Tudela landscapes. This place looks like a moon landscape with black and white rock formations, sandstones that capitulate against the wind from the north, the Tramuntana and few small plants with beautiful flowers in Spring that fight against some of the strongest winds in Europe.

Do you identify the Camel?

In Tudela you can follow by feet the easy paved path till the end, with incredible views of the sea, rocks and the lighthouse. During all the way you feel like a child, playing the game of identifying animals on the rock formations. There is a guide and posters to help you find them all.

The Eagle

Cap de Creus is a Natural Park and has many interesting points to be visited: Tudela landscapes, the lighthouse which is located in the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, Cadaqués, probably the most beautiful town in Europe, Sant Pare de Rodes monastery… and the best restaurant of the world, which had 3 Michelin stars for years and years without rivals: El Bulli of Ferran Adrià chef. Nowadays this restaurant is closed and being remodeled to became a foundation that will do more than cooking. Science, art, Catalan culture… to create new culinary treasures in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean.

Cap de Creus lighthouse


Cadaqués is located in a small beach in the south slope of Cap de Creus, which makes it difficult to reach because you need to reach the top of the mountain before leading downwards. Already from the top, the views are beautiful, but nothing compareable to those from the beach itself. Cadaqués has been home of some important characters of the Catalan culture or politics. Probably, the most famous and international is the best surrealism artist: Salvador Dalí.

Cadaqués and art

Cadaqués history goes back to the medieval ages, where the old town was fortified. Nowadays you can still spot one bastion and walk on the original stones through the steppy streets while getting amazed by the white houses that reflect the mediterranean light. A traditional fishing village during the 19th and 20th century, this has changed to a special touristic spot for obvious reasons.

White streets

Salvador Dalí, who has his museum in the Empordà capital, Figueres, lived in a close by small beach called Portlligat. It can be reached by walk from the old town of Cadaqués. In Portlligat you can visit the house of Salvador Dalí. But not only Salvador Dalí found its inspitation here, other famous artists like Picasso, Eliseu Meifrèn, Duchamp, Max Ernst, Magritte, Antoni Pitxot… and writers like Paul Eluard, Federico García Lorca, Eugeni d’Ors or Josep Pla.

Cadaqués view with Santa María church on the top

When you go to Cadaqués don’t forget to reserve a nice table with views in one of many restaurants. Paella and fish are a must, we would say 😉 ending with an icecream.

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