Welcome to our blog! We are Laura and Dídac, a couple living in Barcelona (Catalonia). We work as a corporate lawyer and a data governance consultant, respectively, in our day-to-day life, but since we met we knew that we shared the same curiosity to travel and discover a bit more the amazing planet in which we live. We think that travelling is the best way to spend our free time and decided to create this blog to share our experiences in our own land, in Europe and beyond. We hope that the information in this blog might be useful and help you when planning your trips.

"There is a thing that makes any trip unique. We know that where we walk around, where we eat, where we sleep, where we take a rest or where we laugh are places that probably we will not visit again. Places that we discover while knowing that some seconds later we will no longer be there, in an ephemeral manner, but with the same enthusiasm as two kids discovering the colors." Mapping The Map