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The Åland Islands – Tranquility, History and Sunshine

First of all: Thanks to Jesper and Susan from The Biveros Effect for this incredible post. This is the first seed of a collaboration between Mapping The Map and Biveros. Don’t miss what Jesper and Susan explain about Åland Islands. It is really a paradise in the north of Europe.

Water as far as your eyes can see, red granite cliffs and a tranquility that calms your soul. Welcome to the beautiful Åland Islands! 6500 skerries and islands in the Baltic Sea form an autonomous and demilitarized region that is located between Finland to the east and Sweden in the west. It is the only monolingually Swedish-speaking region in Finland and it is also the smallest region in the country. With approximately 30 000 inhabitants, you rarely feel overwhelmed by the crowds. Believe it or not, it is also the area in the Nordic countries with the most hours of sunshine!

Beautiful sunset in Åland Islands

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